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Froling Wood Chip Boilers at Ecobuild 2016

Next week we’ll be showing off Frolings proven T4 wood chip boiler, along with their new CHP, the Industrial Turbomat 320kW and Frolings range of Log and Pellet boilers.

Register to visit EcoBuild here.

Get up close to Frolings tried and tested T4 Wood Chip Boiler

Wood chip can be sourced locally utilising main wood suppliers and self certified private stock, along with copiced and wood from forest maintenance, sawmill and wood processing offcuts, giving many options for wood chips and therefore keeping fuel costs down. This means you can control your energy source rather than being controlled by fossil fuel market price pressures. Being carbon neutral and sustainable, wood chip is an ideal fuel for many situations. Froling wood chip boilers have the capability of also burning pellets giving you yet further flexibility.

24- 150kw Froling T4 

The proven T4 is a user friendly, economical and safe system for your property. With a product range between 24kw and 150kw. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chip and pellets due to its well designed and fully automated system.




  1. Durable high-temperature silicon carbide combustion chamber for effective combustion with a high level of efficiency and very low emissions.
  2. Multi-part combustion grate consisting of a fixed insertion zone and the automatic tipping grate for cleaning away ash and foreign bodies.
  3. Automatic ash removal from the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger to the generouslysized mobile ash container. Underpressure-controlled combustion air supply for primary and secondary air.
  4. Stoker screw with coupled rotary valve for optimal fuel supply and maximum safety.
  5. 3-pass heat exchanger with Efficiency Optimisation System – EOS (turbulators for automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger pipes). Speed-controlled induced-draught fan with function monitor for maximum operational reliability.
  6. Lambdatronic H 3200 controller with innovative bus technology for complete system solutions.
  7. New boiler console with 4.3″ touch display for simple, intuitive operation.
  8. Fully insulated to minimize radiant heat loss.
  9. Broadband Lambda probe for automatic adjustment to different fuel qualities.
  10. Energy-saving drives with spur gears for extremely low power consumption.

200 – 250kW  –  Froling TX

For Larger scale wood chip burning Froling have the TX that can be cascaded to 1mW.




  1. Ventilated step grate for pre-drying of materials and optimum combustion.
  2. Tilted combustion grate to ensure full burn-out and grate cleaning during operation.
  3. Heat-resistant ash removal screw between combustion chamber and ash can.
  4. Top quality high-temperature combustion chamber with fi rebrick lining for very low emissions and an effective combustion at a high effi ciency.
  5. Vertical 4-pass tubular heat exchanger with Efficiency Optimisation System (EOS) and with automatically actuated turbulators to clean the fl ue gas path in the boiler.
  6. Fully insulated to minimize radiant heat loss.
  7. H 3200 control system installed ready to plug in.
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